Evaluating Reactions to Community Bridge Initiative Pilot Classes

Julie Koldewyn, Roslynn Brain, Kate Stephens


Does participating in an integrated service-learning project aimed at improving local sustainability issues result in significant professional real-world application for students? This study aimed to answer that question by evaluating student reactions to pilot classes featuring a sustainability-based service-learning program, Community Bridge Initiative (CBI), in comparison to traditional university courses. A survey (response rate = 86%) was administered to students enrolled in four different CBI pilot classes (n = 109) within two different disciplines, natural resources and sociology. Results revealed that of all students responding, 92% reported a positive impact from the CBI class, 88% would take a CBI course again, and 73% felt that the CBI course was more effective in communicating course content in comparison to traditional Utah State University courses. This article reveals additional student perspectives and potential benefits from implementing the CBI program in a university setting.

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