Consolidating the Academics End of a Community-Based Participatory Research Venture to Address Health Disparities

Martha I. Arrieta, Leevones Fisher, Thomas Shaw, Valerie Bryan, Andrea Hudson, Shantisha Hansberry, Sasha Eastburn, Christopher R. Freed, Shannon Shelley-Tremblay, Roma Stovall Hanks, Cynthia Washington-Lewis, Linda Roussel, Paul A. Dagenais, Marjorie Icenogle, Michelle L. Slagle, L. Lynette Parker, Errol Crook


Although there is strong support for community engagement and community-based participatory research (CBPR) from public health entities, medical organizations, and major grant-funding institutions, such endeavors often face challenges within academic institutions. Fostering the interest, skills, and partnerships to undertake participatory research projects and truly impact the community requires an interdisciplinary team with the competencies and values to engage in this type of research. Discussed in this article is how a CBPR-focused team evolved at a southern university, with emphasis on the activities that supported group identity, contributed to its evolution, and positioned the group to speak with authority in promoting CBPR as a tool for addressing health disparities.


community-based participatory research, research team, health disparities, community-academic partnership

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