Review of <i>The Hurly Burly Shakespeare Show!</i>


  • Brooke Allan Carlson Chaminade University


podcast review Shakespeare appropriation


The Hurly Burly Shakespeare Show! — a podcast hosted, produced, and performed by Aubrey Whitlock and Jess Hamlet — appropriates the Shakes for feels and for fun.  In all seriousness, the podcast infuses the Whamlet (Aubrey and Jess) into listeners in such a way that they leave the experience with both new content and ways to share, make, and partake in twenty-first century Shakespeare (of some four hundred years of Shakes-ing).

Author Biography

Brooke Allan Carlson, Chaminade University

Brooke A. Carlson teaches composition, literature, and Shakespeare in the English Department at Chaminade University. He also researches and writes about Shakespeare, composition, and teaching. He has published articles in The Journal of the Scholarship of Teaching and The National Teaching & Learning Forum, and has a chapter on Korean Shakespeare in Shakespeare's Asian Journeys: Critical Encounters, Cultural Geographies, and the Politics of Travel. More broadly, Dr. Carlson works on the problems of reading, writing, thinking, and being human in the twenty-first century. You can hear him here (Remixing the Hunanities podcast), see him there (A Bit Lit YouTube espisode), and follow him on Twitter and Instagram @unibcarlson.






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