Shakespeare in Fluff


  • Louise Geddes Adelphi University


Shakespeare in Fluff is a book that portrays rodents in staged Shakespearean performances. In doing so, Shakespeare in Fluff not only taps into a popular internet trend of anthropomorphized animals, and a particularly youth-oriented genre of nonhuman creatures performing Shakespeare, but raises more general questions about the use of animals in human entertainment.

Author Biography

Louise Geddes, Adelphi University

Louise Geddes is an Associate Professor of English at Adelphi University. She is the author of Appropriating Shakespeare: A Cultural History of Pyramus and Thisbe and the forthcoming The Shakespeare Multiverse: Fandom as Literary Praxis (co-authored with Valerie M. Fazel). She is the editor of The Shakespeare User: Critical and Creative Appropriations in a Networked Culture and the forthcoming Variable Objects: Speculative Shakespeare Appropriations.