Gratitude, finance, and financial gratitude reminders in charitable giving

A repeated experiment over time


  • Yi Liu Department of Finance, St. John Fisher College
  • Russell N. James III School of Financial Planning, Texas Tech University



Behavioral finance, Positive psychology, Gratitude, Financial gratitude, Charitable giving


An initial reminder of three good things (TGT) increases charitable giving intentions, while reminders of three good financial things (TGFT) or three financial things (TFT) reduce them. Repeating these reminders daily during the following seven days results in even higher donation intentions for TGT, but shows no consistent additional effects for TGFT or TFT. Donation intentions measured one or thirty days after stopping these reminders fall significantly faster for TGT. No such effects arise for TGFT or TFT. Gratitude reminders without financial references increase donation intentions, especially when repeated over time. However, this gratitude effect fades after the reminders stop.




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Liu, Y., & James III, R. N. (2023). Gratitude, finance, and financial gratitude reminders in charitable giving: A repeated experiment over time. Financial Services Review: The Journal of Individual Financial Management, 31(1), 23–34.



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