20(4) Special Issue on Service-Learning and Community Engagement in Asian Higher Education Just Published

With the continued expansion of service-learning across the globe, literature is giving way to fresh perspectives. In particular, this new literature brings to the fore non-Western and non-global-North perspectives that challenge many of the norms that have heretofore defined the roles, purposes, character, and impacts of service-learning.  Under the special editorship of Grace Ngai, Stephen C.F. Chan and Kevin Chan, Hong Kong Polytechnic University, and with the assistance of Andrew Furco, this special issue, spotlights some of the rich and robust service-learning efforts taking place in Asia. Situated in countries where service-learning has found a strong footing, the issue’s five articles unpack prevailing questions and challenges that undergird the emergent service-learning agendas in this region as well as new conceptualizations and operationalizations of service-learning.  They reveal a growing network of scholars pushing for more and better scholarship on the study and practice of service-learning. They also reveal a dedicated and committed cadre of educational practitioners and leaders seeking to make service-learning a more central feature of their institutional academic and scholarly agendas.  
Posted: 2016-12-31

Trimester Review Process


The JHEOE editorial team is committed to continuously improve our internal processes to ensure we are handling our authors’ scholarly work in the most efficient and effective way.  Therefore, we are introducing a trimester review process allowing for a more concentrated effort to respond more quickly to our authors and expedite the peer review process.  Most importantly, it serves our mission “to serve as the premier peer-reviewed, interdisciplinary journal to advance theory and practice” related to community engagement.  Although you may submit a manuscript at any time, the review due dates are February 1, June 1, and October 1. You will find more detail in the submission guidelines.

Posted: 2015-02-18