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C. Peter Magrath Award, W.K. Kellogg Award/
Cabaniss, Emily R.
Cadwallader, Thomas K., University of Wisconsin Extension
Caldwell, Karen, Appalachian State University
Call, Michael, Utah Commission on Volunteers
Calvin, James R.
Campbell, Steven V., University of Alaska Anchorage
Cantor, Nancy, Syracuse University
Capobianco, Stephen, Binghamton University
Caponigro, Jay, University of Notre Dame
Carbone, Elena T., University of Massachusetts Amherst
Carollo, Olivia, Roosevelt University
Carpenter, Barbara West, Southern University
Carpenter, Heather L., Notre Dame of Maryland University
Carpenter, Stacey L., University of California, Santa Barbara
Carr, Dillon, Grand Rapids Community College
Carrera, Lillianna Franco, Loyola University Chicago
Carter, Gene R.
Cartwright, Carol A., Kent State University
Carubia, Josephine M., The Pennsylvania State University
Casey, Karen McKnight, Michigan State University
Cash, Erskine, The Pennsylvania State University
Cassity, Pratt
Cecil, Kyle
Chambers, Tony
Chan, Charles C., Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Chan, Henry H. L., Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Chan, Kevin, Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Chan, Lily Y. L., Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Chan, Stephen C. F., Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Chang, Stephen C. F., Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Chapman, Diane D., North Carolina State University
Chapman, Sue, University of Georgia
Charpentier, Amy, University of North Carolina
Chattaraman, Veena, Auburn University
Chaudhari, Lisa Shanti, California State University
Check, Ed, Texas Tech University
Checkoway, Barry, University of Michigan
Cheong, Allen MY, Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Cherwitz, Richard A., University of Texas at Austin
Chesney, Clyde E.
Chester, Ann, West Virginia University
Cheung-ming, Alfred Chan, Lingnan University, Hong Kong
Chhabra, Jyoti
Childers, Jeri L., Pennsylvania State University
Childers, Jeri L., University of Technology, Sydney
Childers, Jeri L., Interim Director, Outreach Office of Program Development Outreach and Cooperative Extension The Pennsylvania State University
Childers, Jeri, Planning Committee for the Outreach Scholarship 2002: Catalyst for Change Conference, The Ohio State University
Childers, Jeri L., The Pennsylvania State University
Cho, Yoongung, Oklahoma State University
Chojnacki, Margaret K., Barry University
Christensen, Robert K, Brigham Young University
Christensen, Robert K., University of Georgia
Christie, Luke D., University of Georgia
Christopherson, Patricia M., University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire
Chu, Geoffrey, Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Chung, Kimberly, Michigan State University
Church, Robert L., Michigan State University
Ciantis, Deno De, The Pennsylvania State University
Ciccone, Janet K.
Clark, Mary Ann, University of Florida
Clark, Jr., James W., North Carolina State University
Clark-Taylor, Angela, University of Redlands
Clayton, Patti H., PHC Ventures
Clayton, Patti, Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis
Clifford, Joan, Duke University
Cloutier, Norman R., University of Wisconsin-Parkside
Cochran, Graham
Cockburn, Bethany, University of Notre Dame
Coder, Kim D., University of Georgia
Cohen, Stuart J., University of Arizona
Colbeck, Carol L.
Collins, Christopher S., Azusa Pacific University
Collins, William, University of Michigan
Colon-Otero, Gerado
Colvin, Carolyn, University of Iowa
Community Research Advisement Committee, CoSAGE, CoSAGE
Conklin, Nikki, Planning Committee for the Outreach Scholarship 2002: Catalyst for Change Conference, The Ohio State University
Constan, Zachary, Michigan State University
Conway, Flaxen D.L., Oregon State University
Conway, John B., University of Tennessee
Cook, James R.
Cook, Nancy, University of Minnesota
Cooks, Leda, University of Massachusetts Amherst
Coor, Lattie F., Arizona State University
Corbin, Marilyn, The Pennsylvania State University
Corbin, Marilyn, The Pennsylvania State University Cooperative Extension
Cordes, Sam, Purdue University
Cornell, Stephen, Harvard Project on American Indian Economic Development
Correia, Manuel G., California State University Channel Islands
Cort├ęs Santiago, Ileana, Purdue University
Cote, Lawrence S., West Virginia Cooperative Extension
Couto, Richard A., University of Richmond
Coyne, Jan
Crabtree, Robbin D., Fairfield University
Craige, Betty Jean, University of Georgia
Cramer, Catherine B., New York Hall of Science
Cramer, Sheran L., University of Nebraska
Crawford, Pat, Michigan State University
Creamer, Meaghan, Vanderbilt University
Creamer, Nancy, North Carolina State University
Crim, Joe W., University of Georgia
Crispo, Alexander W.
Cromwell, Patrice M., Open Society Institute-Baltimore
Crook, Errol, University of South Alabama
Crookes, Patrick A., University of Wollongong, Australia
Crow, Michael M., Columbia University
Cruz, Laura, Western Carolina University
Cunningham, Linda C., University of Michigan
Cunningham, Robert B., University of Tennessee
Curley, Maureen F., Campus Compact
Curry, Janel, Calvin College
Curtis, Eric K., University of the Pacific
Cutforth, Nick, University of Denver
Cutforth, Nick