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Padrón, Eduardo J., Miami Dade College
Pang, Peter C. K., Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Pappas, James P., University of Oklahoma
Paré, Nicole, City of Québec
Parish, Sally G., University of Tennessee, Knoxville
Park, Young-Shin, Oregon State University
Parker, L. Lynette, University of South Alabama
Parkins, Leslie, The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Pasquesi, Kira, University of Colorado Boulder
Paton, Valerie Osland
Paton, Valerie O., Texas Tech University
Paton, Valerie Osland, Texas Tech University
Payne, Jack, Utah State University
Payne, Lindsey, Purdue University
Pearl, Andrew J., University of Georgia
Pearl, Andrew J., University of North Georgia
Pearson, Katherine C.
Pelco, Lynn E., Virginia Commonwealth University
Pelco, Lynn E.
Pendleton, Fariba, Planning Committee for the Outreach Scholarship 2002: Catalyst for Change Conference, The Ohio State University
Penick, Michael, Saint Louis University
Penney, Naomi, University of Notre Dame
Perez, Edith A.
Perez-Escamilla, Rafael
Perilla, Alejandro, Arizona State University
Perry, David C., University of Illinois at Chicago
Perry, III, Lane Graves, Western Carolina University
Peters, Karen, The Pennsylvania State University
Peters, Scott J., Cornell University
Peters, Scott J.
Peters, Scott
Petersen, Kari K.
Peterson, Jodi, Michigan State University
Peterson, Norm, Montana State University
Petterson, Paul R., Central Connecticut State University
Pettitt, John M., North Carolina State University
Phillips, Amy, The University of North Dakota
Phillips, Ruthellen H., West Virginia University Extension Service
Phipps, David, York University
Piacitelli, Jill, Break Away
Picart, Jose, North Carolina State University
Pickron-Davis, Marcine, Widener University
Pierce, Sheila, Jacksonville-Onslow Economic Development Commission
Pikalek, Amy J., University of Wisconsin-Extension Continuing Education, Outreach and E-Learning
Pirog, Rich, Iowa State University
Pitt, David, University of Minnesota
Pittella, Rosanna, Capella University
Plakans, Lia, University of Iowa
Plaxton-Moore, Star, University of San Francisco
Plein, Christopher, West Virginia University
Pollock, John P., Tufts University
Poon, OiYan A., Loyola University Chicago
Pope, Alexander, Salisbury University
Porter, Melody, College of William & Mary
Porter, William, Elizabeth City State University
Poteat, V. Paul
Potts, Pat Donovan, city of Jacksonville, North Carolina
Powell, Lawrence N., Tulane University
Powers, Ronald C., University of Missouri
Praeger, Susan, Wright State University
Preissing, John, University of Wisconsin-Extension
Pribbenow, Paul C., Augsburg College
Price, Christine A.
Prigge, George W.
Prins, Esther
Prohn, Seb M., North Carolina State University
Pryor, Jennifer, Virginia Commonwealth University
Purcell, Jennifer W., Kennesaw State University