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Wake, Cameron, University of New Hampshire
Waldner, Leora S., Troy University
Walshok, Mary Lindenstein
Walton, Shannon, Estacado High School
Wang, Jennifer L., University of Texas at Austin
Wang, Junming, Tennessee State University
Wang, Yuanhua, Texas Tech University
Ward, Kelly, Washington State University
Ward, Kelly
Ward, Tony J.
Ware, Susan, University of Massachusetts Amherst
Warner, Sean, Monmouth University
Warren, Alice
Wasburn, Mara H.
Wasburn, Mara H., Purdue University
Wasescha, Anna, Middlesex Community College CT
Washington-Lewis, Cynthia, Hands of Hope Health Care
Waters, Susan
Watkins, Amy E.
Watson, Amy, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
Watson, Jack, The Pennsylvania State University Cooperative Extension
Watson, Nyeema C., Rutgers University–Camden
Weaver, Laura, Indiana Campus Compact
Weaver, Lisa D.
Webb, Lucille, Strengthening the Black Family, Inc.
Webster, Nicole, The Pennsylvania State University
Webster, Nicole
Weerts, David J., University of Minnesota- Twin Cities
Weerts, David J., University of Minnesota
Weerts, David J., Florida Atlantic University
Weerts, David J., University of Wisconsin
Weidemann, Craig D., The Pennsylvania State University
Weidemann, Craig D., Pennsylvania State University
Weidemann, Craig
Weidemann, Craig, Vice President for Outreach The Pennsylvania State University
Weiler, Lindsey M., Colorado State University
Weiss, H. Anne, Indiana Campus Compact
Welch, Marshall, International Association for Research on Service-learning and Community Engagement (IARSLCE)
Welch, Marshall, St. Mary's College of California
Welch, Marshall, University of Utah
Wendland, Joel, Grand Valley State University
Wenger, Lisa, University of Guelph
Werner, Danilea, Auburn University
Wessel, Stacy, The Pennsylvania State University
Westdijk, Kate
Westrick, Salisa C., Auburn University
Wharton-Michael, Patti, University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown
White, Barbara Jo, Western Carolina University
White, Caressa, University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill
White, Rebecca J., Northern Kentucky University
Whittington, M. Susie, The Pennsylvania State University
Whyte, Kyle
Wickam, Molly J., Bethel University
Widener, Murray C., Troy University
Wilder, Shannon O'Brien, University of Georgia
Wilder, Shannon O., University of Georgia
Wilder, Shannon, University of Georgia
Williams, Carol, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Williams, Dilafruz, Portland State University
Williams, Jennifer, East Carolina University
Williams, Julie E., University of New Hampshire
Williams, Julie E.
Williams, Mitchell R., University of Virginia
Williams, Patricia Hrusa, University of Maine at Farmington
Williams, Sue E., Oklahoma State University
Williams, Sue E., The Ohio State University
Williamson, Heather J., Northern Arizona University
Williamson, Marilyn, Wayne State University
Willness, Chelsea, University of Saskatchewan
Wilson, David, Chancellor, University of Wisconsin-Extension
Wing-fung, Chad Chan, Lingnan University, Hong Kong
Winslow, Maureen, Michigan State University
Winston, Fletcher, Mercer University
Winter, Alexandra, University of Pennsylvania
Winterbottom, Christian, The Ohio State University at Mansfield
Winters, Dixie, The Pennsylvania State University-York
Wise, Greg, Planning Committee for the Outreach Scholarship 2002: Catalyst for Change Conference, The Ohio State University
Wise, Greg, University of Wisconsin-Extension
Witczak, Andi, University of Kansas
Withorn, Ann, University of Massachusetts-Boston
Wofford, Harris, Corporation for National Service
Wolf, Joy
Wolfe, Brent D., Georgia Southern University
Wolff, Marie, Medical College of Wisconsin
Womack, Sara
Wondoloski, Edward, Bentley College
Wong, Horace H. Y., Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Woo, Hongjoo, Auburn University
Wood, Mark, Virginia Commonwealth University
Woodell, James K., Association of Public and Land-grant Universities
Worrell, Stephanie, University of Alberta
Wortis, Naomi
Wright, Brent D.
Wright, Helen, The Pennsylvania State University
Wright, Mindy, Planning Committee for the Outreach Scholarship 2002: Catalyst for Change Conference, The Ohio State University
Wright, Wynne
Wunder, Jennifer
Wurr, Adrian J., University of Idaho