Vol 18, No 2 (2014)

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Entire Issue

Entire Issue 1-148 PDF
Entire Issue 149-206 PDF
Entire issue 207-307 PDF

Editorial Board

Board Members PDF

Table of Contents

Table of Contents PDF

Note from the Editor

Letter from the Editor PDF
Lorilee Sandmann 1-4
Measuring and Articulating the Value of Community Engagement: Lessons Learned from 100 Years of Cooperative Extension Work PDF
Nancy Franz 5-18

Research Articles

The Impact of a Service-Learning Design Course on White Students' Racial Attitudes PDF
Sara Houshmand, Lisa B. Spanierman, Amanda M. Beer, V. Paul Poteat, Laura Lawson 19-48
Student Growth from Service-Learning: A Comparison of First-Generation and Non-First-Generation College Students PDF
Lynn E. Pelco, Christopher T. Ball, Kelly Lockeman 49-66
What's a Degree Got to Do With It? The Civic Engagement of Associate's and Bachelor's Degree Holders PDF
Mallory Angeli Newell 67-90
Applying Motivation Theory to Faculty Motivation to Utilize Academic Service-Learning Pedagogy PDF
Alexa Darby, Gabrielle Newman 91-120
Scholarship of Engagement and Engaged Scholars: Through the Eyes of Exemplars PDF
Carol E. Kasworm, Nur Aira Abdrahim 121-148

Reflective Essays

Engagement and Uncertainty: Emerging Technologies Challenge the Work of Engagement PDF
Weston Eaton, Wynne Wright, Kyle Whyte, Stephen P. Gasteyer, Pat J. Gehrke 151-178
Knowledge as Responsibility: Universities and Society PDF
Irit Keynan 179-206

Practice Stories from the Field

The Promise of a Community-Based, Participatory Approach to Service-Learning in Education PDF
Alan Tinkler, Barri Tinkler, Cynthia Gerstl-Pepin, Vincent M Mugisha 209-232

Projects with Promise

Transformational Learning and Community Development: Early Reflections on Professional and Community Engagement at Macquarie University PDF
Felicity Rawlings-Sanaei, Judyth Sachs 235-260
The Community Grant Writing Project: A Flexible Service-Learning Model for Writing-Intensive Courses PDF
Courtney Stevens 261-280

Book Reviews

Service-Learning in Design and Planning PDF
Brian Orland 283-288
Building playgrounds, engaging communities: Creating safe and happy places for children PDF
Jawaid Haider 289-294
Democratic Dilemmas of Teaching Service-Learning: Curricular Strategies for Success PDF
James R. Calvin 295-300
Understanding the Roots of Voluntary Action: Historical Perspectives on Current Social Policy PDF
Sarah Gold 301-306
What Is College For? The Public Purpose of Higher Education PDF
Kyle Cecil 307-312

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Back Cover PDF

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