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Research Articles

Vol. 17 No. 1

Pecan Research and Outreach in New Mexico: Logic Model Development and Change in Communication Paradigms

March 7, 2013


Universities develop strategic planning documents, and as part of
that planning process, logic models are developed for specific programs
within the university. This article examines the long-standing
pecan program at New Mexico State University and the deficiencies
and successes in the evolution of its logic model. The university’s agricultural
experiment station’s pecan program logic model has evolved
along with increased external funding but never has developed into
a complete logic model because the outcome-impact component
remains incomplete. With increased assistance from the university
the pecan industry grew and became stronger and more economically
viable; however, the incomplete development of a pecan program
logic model has prevented development of a complete synergy. The
evaluation of outcome-impact is most efficient and accurate when at
least part of the evaluation is conducted with methods independent
of the growers.