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Research Articles

Vol 16 No 2

University-Community Partnerships: Bridging People and Cultures in an HIV/AIDS Health Intervention in an African American Community

May 24, 2012
May 24, 2012


As universities become more involved in real-world problems that aect racial and ethnic communities, university members are  identifying strategies tectively work with culturally diverse com-munity partnere Communities and Health Disparities Project described in this article is an example of collaborative scholarship that engages the university, a community-based organization, and members of the African American communitye purpose of the project was to develop a culturally tailored toolkit to correct misin-formation about HIV/AIDS. In this article, the authors identifve strategies for building relationships across diverse cultural groups: connecting with cultural insiders, building collegiality, developing shared aims and goals, recognizing diverse skills and expertise, and sustaining commitmene authors provide a conceptual frame-work that integrates the Freirian philosophy and the scholarship of engagement.