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Anchor Institutions

Vol. 17 No. 3

A College’s Role in Developing and Supporting an Entrepreneurship Ecosystem

June 18, 2013


From the earliest oil pioneers to today’s business startups, entrepreneurs
have paved the road to success for Oklahoma. Small businesses
account for more than 80% of the business community in each of the
state’s two largest cities. Higher education must take a leadership role
in developing and sustaining a thriving entrepreneurial ecosystem
for small business. Community colleges are uniquely designed to
nourish an entrepreneurial ecosystem in light of their ability to
quickly respond to business and community needs, design curriculum
to meet industry demands, and generate meaningful advances
in the community’s economic development. Budding entrepreneurs
often look to the community college as the most flexible and accessible
means to reach their goal of starting a new business. A college
involved in cultivating and nurturing an entrepreneurial ecosystem
must exhibit its own entrepreneurial spirit while creating an environment
where discoveries are made, learning is emphasized, and lives
are changed.