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Research Articles

Vol. 18 No. 1

Assessing the Student, Faculty, and Community Partners in Academic Service-Leraning: A Categorization of Surveys Posted Online at Campus Compact Member Institutions

  • Susan Waters
  • Karen Anderson-Lain
March 31, 2014


Service-learning is an instructional strategy used by faculty at hundreds of institutions, including those that are members of Campus Compact, an organization committed to service-learning and community/civic engagement. For this study, researchers examined a variety of online survey assessment tools used in service-learning projects. The study’s purpose is to demonstrate what questions, concepts, and categories are currently being utilized for evaluation of (1) students, (2) faculty, and (3) community partners from 121 Campus Compact member institutions, using Gelmon, Holland, Driscoll, Spring, and Kerrigan’s (2001) taxonomy. Six unique concepts emerged from the study that diverged from Gelmon et al.’s taxonomy. This research provides a survey tool that is readily accessible for educators’ use when constructing service-learning assessment. The article concludes with recommendations to educators for use of assessment surveys.