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Projects with Promise

Vol. 18 No. 1

Designing, Implementing, and Evaluating a Department-Wide Service-Learning Program for English Language Learners in Morroco

  • Brian Seilstad
April 1, 2014


This article describes the theoretical and pedagogical background and results from the first semester of a service-learning program for English learners at a public Moroccan university and the local high school. This study fills a gap in the literature related to service-learning practice and outcomes in Morocco and the Arab world in general. The results of the program, based on student reflection journals, evaluation surveys, focus groups, and final course outcomes, showed overlap with the impacts predicted by previous studies, with some notable particularities for the Moroccan context. The initial results of the program are promising, and an expansion of the program combined with a long-term study will continue in future semesters. Service-learning’s impact on civic education and civic actions are also explored with results that are both positive and troubling for the region.