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Projects with Promise

Vol. 24 No. 2

Striving for Equity: Community Engaged Teaching and Learning Through a Community Practitioner and Faculty Co-Teaching Model

December 3, 2019


Based on the implementation and assessment of a coteaching pilot program called the Practitioner Scholars Program, this study draws attention to the need for equity in community–university learning partnerships, recognizing and emphasizing that the knowledge and expertise of community practitioners is as valuable as that of faculty in academia. The innovative nature of the pilot program encompasses mutual and reciprocal benefits to students, practitioners, faculty, and community through a unique design of community-engaged teaching and learning. The findings from this study provide evidence of the success and potential of this program while offering a reflection on how we understand equity in community–university partnerships. As a result, this study can inform and inspire new initiatives to infuse equity in teaching and learning, especially in urban public universities with a commitment to their urban communities. This article particularly aims to speak to practitioners interested in this program as a promising practice.