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Research Articles

Vol. 26 No. 1

Critically Engaged in a Predominantly White Institution: The Power of a Critical Service-Learning Course to Cultivate a Social Justice Stance

December 8, 2020


This article examines how a particular set of critical pedagogical strategies was used in a critical service-learning course to shift student perspectives and serve community partners. A self-study of a critical service-learning course that asked university students at a predominantly White institution to serve in urban schools was performed to ascertain how effectively critical service-learning may have addressed the weaknesses in traditional service-learning by (1) dismantling hegemonic discourses White students bring to the classroom and (2) engaging in service that would address inequities present in urban schools. By examining 2 years of data from student assignments, interviews with community partners, and course evaluations, this article argues for the efficacity of several pedagogical tools that can contribute to shifting the perspectives of White students as well as students of color.