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Projects with Promise

Vol. 27 No. 4

Brown Boosts Immunity: A Community-Centric Approach to Project-Based Service-Learning in Higher Education

  • Rebka Ephrem
  • Roshan Sapkota
  • Isaiah Dawkins
  • Patrick Faherty
  • Yael Sarig
  • Jason Peres da Silva
  • Julia Pierce
  • Ethan Epstein
  • Vincent Amato
  • Darby K. Melia
  • Nicholas Messina
  • Orly Richter
  • Mona Polavarapu
  • Jessica Chiu
  • Russell Paredes
  • Toni-Marie Achilli
April 27, 2021


Service-learning models serve as noteworthy curriculum paradigms that can help students engage with their communities while continuously learning. This article recounts the implementation of a service-learning model within a student initiative aimed to help combat vaccine hesitancy and promote the uptake of vaccinations within the Rhode Island community. Through a collaborative effort between students, faculty, and the university, the student initiative was able to construct a credit-bearing course to help assess and alleviate vaccine hesitancy within Rhode Island. This article highlights the journey the organization took to develop a service-learning model within the course, the project details, and the impact of their project on the community. A detailed analysis of the service-learning model’s impact on students as well as key takeaways of the project are also highlighted below.