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Dissertation Overviews

Vol. 26 No. 2

The Effects of Resource Dependency on Decisions by Public Service Administrators to Offer Local Government Training in Service to the State (Dissertation Overview)

December 24, 2021


For administrators of higher education public service and outreach (PSO) units at public research institutions, the opportunities for service to their states are broad. These administrators’ efforts in research, technical assistance, and training address critical needs in their states. Yet all units face limited resources, and the administrators face multiple decisions about investments into new programs. In my dissertation Effects of Resource Dependency on Decisions by University Public Service Administrators for Service to the State Through Local Government Training (2019), I explored how resource dependency influenced decision making by university PSO administrators looking specifically at training programs offered in service to the state through local government training programs. The impact of some external stakeholders proved to be a driving force in decisions related to local government training offered by the PSO unit.