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Projects with Promise

Vol. 28 No. 1

Translational Research Approaches in Land-Grant Institutions: A Case Study of the REDI Movement

  • David. A. Julian
  • Melissa C. Ross
  • Kenyona N. Walker
  • Gabrielle C. Johnson
  • Ana-Paula Correia
October 17, 2022


In this case study we explore the concept of translational research: specifically, how common tools were employed in the context of the translational research process to design and implement a formal intervention to address racism at the individual and structural level. This approach to translational research focuses on the implementation of evidence-based interventions to address issues in communities, schools, and other organizations and is ideally suited to support researchers and practitioners in the nation’s land-grant institutions. We discuss the suitability of translational research as an approach to identifying and resolving issues and implications for training and day-to-day operations of translational research organizations. Finally, we point to the necessity of incorporating principles of equity and engagement in the translational research process.