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Projects with Promise

Vol. 28 No. 1

A Process for Asset Mapping to Develop a Blue Economy Corridor

  • Emily Yeager
  • Beth Bee
  • Anjalee Hou
  • Taylor Cash
  • Kelsi Dew
  • Daniel Dickerson
  • Kelly White-Singleton
  • Michael Schilling
  • Sierra Jones
March 3, 2023


Through a multistakeholder partnership, this research aims to catalyze the development of a blue economy corridor (BEC) through community-based asset mapping in the eastern portion of the Tar-Pamlico River Basin in North Carolina, a geographic area predominated by physically and culturally rural landscapes. Underpinned by appreciative inquiry, this project aims to counter a deficit model of community development in this portion of eastern North Carolina by increasing awareness of quality of life assets that communities currently possess and may leverage for sustainable economic, environmental, and social development through their inclusion in a digital interactive map freely available to the public.