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Vol. 12 No. 3

Invisible Struggles: A Civil Rights Project Impacts Classroom and Community

  • Molly Merryman
  • Kenneth J. Bindas
July 23, 2010


This article examines a five-year engagement project that began as a research-oriented class that involved students in oral history and digital video interviews of community members who were young adults living in the Warren, Ohio, area during the civil rights era. The project evolved into an hour-long documentary,
which was broadcast on a regional PBS station three times in February 2007. The faculty used the acceptance of the documentary for broadcast to expand the project to include a town forum featuring business, civil rights, and political leaders discussing contemporary racial concerns. Further engagement activities included the development of school curriculum packets, the dissemination of DVD copies of the documentary to regional public and school libraries, and the establishment of a scholarship fund for area minority students.