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Research Articles

Vol. 13 No. 4

Service-Learning in Entomology: Teaching, Research, and Outreach Domestically and Abroad

  • Marianne Shockley Robinette
  • Ray Noblet
January 13, 2010


Insects are ideal models for demonstrating an array of biological and ecological concepts and the application of biology to solve real-world problems. Integrating service-learning, a pedagogy bridging theory and practice, into the entomology curriculum at the University of Georgia provides students an opportunity to participate in developing and implementing entomological programs for communities, both domestically and abroad. This research project seeks to develop, implement, assess, and evaluate two service-learning courses in entomology: Entomology Outreach and Service-Learning (ENTO 3900) and a study abroad course, Insect Natural History in Costa Rica: International Service-Learning (ENTO 3140-3140L). A qualitative research study was designed to assess and evaluate the courses using guidance from student reflections. Results suggest that entomological service-learning courses can be integrated with community outreach programs, both domestically and abroad, to enhance students’ science content knowledge and their teaching, communication, and civic skills.