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Section Three: 2010 Community-Engaged Scholarship Conference: Critical Junctures in Research, Practice, and Policy

Vol. 16 No. 1

Community-Engaged Scholarship: Critical Junctures in Research, Practice, and Policy

March 13, 2012


Community-engaged scholarship and community-academic partnerships are gaining momentum in higher education institutions. Federal research funding agencies in Canada have moved aggressively toward increasing support for community-engaged research and knowledge mobilization efforts. Yet there is a well-articulated disjuncture between calls for social relevance, knowledge translation and mobilization, community-based research, service-learning, and engagement more broadly; and the resources, structures, and policies in Canadian universities. In November 2010, the University of Guelph and Community-Campus Partnerships for Health convened national and international leaders from diverse organizational and disciplinary backgrounds to consider what is known about community-engaged scholarship in higher education and its implications for future research, practice, and policy. Participants identified conceptual challenges, values and tensions, opportunities for action, and resources to support community-engaged scholarship.