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Reflective Essay Submission Guidelines

The Journal of Higher Education Outreach and Engagement invites Reflective Essays that are thought provoking examinations of current issues related to university-community engagement that are anchored in the literature.

Essays should

  • Convey a point of view that reviewers would judge to make a difference.
  • Be based in the relevant and current literature.
  • Excite the reader sufficiently because of the essay’s innovative and compelling, nature as well as its ability to make a difference.
  • Be well-written, deeply provocative, and provide a challenge to the readers of the Journalthat will not be ignored.
  • Indicate that Internal Review Board (IRB) human subjects approval was secured if applicable (or explain why it was not required).
  • Contribute new knowledge (advancing a field of study; or providing best practices or lessons-learned).
  • Include a conclusion paragraph that should start with a summation of the key take home message(s) of the article.
  • Not be a personal reflection about the author’s career in higher education.