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Projects with Promise

Vol 24 No 1

Laying a Foundation for the Fight Against Poverty: Developing a Locally-Relevant Poverty Measure with Community-Based Research

January 28, 2020
May 1, 2020


As community-based research (CBR) is gaining recognition as a high-impact practice at colleges and universities across the country, it is increasingly important to develop a repertoire of best practices.  This paper describes a CBR project to estimate the incomes various families in a local community would need to earn in order to satisfy their basic needs without relying on government assistance.  Strengths and shortcomings of the project are evaluated based on two standards of best practice in CBR, one that focuses primarily on process and one that focuses primarily on results.  The paper concludes with next steps and several lessons learned that are broadly applicable to the field of CBR.  Special attention is given to lessons that can help align and unite best practices for process and results.