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Projects with Promise

Vol. 25 No. 4

Perceptions of Scholarship Among County-Based Extension Faculty

  • Alison C. Berg
  • Diane W. Bales
  • Casey D. Mull
February 9, 2020


As universities strive to increase their rank in lists of the best institutions, higher education administrators are encouraging faculty to increase their scholarly work. Some faculty, including non–tenure track and/or outreach faculty, may be less prepared to respond to these demands. Due to a perceived shift in productivity requirements, campus-based faculty at one Southern institution are leading a project to support county-based outreach faculty in their scholarly work. An initial survey assessed perceptions, knowledge, and attitudes toward scholarship among county-based faculty in family and consumer sciences and youth development program areas. Results suggest great variability in knowledge and attitudes among county-based faculty. Survey results will inform next steps for training and development of skill to enhance scholarly work in a small group of county-based faculty.