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Projects with Promise

Vol. 26 No. 3

Creating a Community–Academic Partnership: An Innovative Approach to Increasing Local Community Capacities to Address Substance Misuse

November 14, 2021


Using a case example from a mid-sized town in East Central Indiana, this article illustrates the development and implementation of a community– academic partnership (CAP), a novel approach to addressing substance misuse in local communities. A CAP can be defined as a formal, strategic partnership between the local community and university faculty, staff, and students that seeks to increase the community’s harm-reduction, prevention, treatment, and recovery capacities and unify the effort to address addiction in the region. Details are provided on the key elements that compose a CAP; how this type of coalition can be developed and implemented without funding; the methods used to formulate the coalition’s mission statement, organizational design, and strategic objectives; and the types of outcomes the coalition can expect to produce if implemented successfully.